Ifigeneia – Ιφιγένεια

The ancient Greek name Iphigeneia (ίφι : ισχυρά+γίγνομαι) means
the origins powerful race, very strong.

Quality Characteristics
Method Cold Extraction
Variety 100% Koroneiki
Harvest period 1-15 Νοέμβρη
Location Apesokari, Crete
Color Golden with olive green tones
Flavor Fruity
Packaging DORICA dark glass bottle with UV protection
Description Well balanced oil with unprecedented intensearomas of freshly cut grass and tomato leaves with moderate bitterness and characteristic spicy tones.
Basic Chemical Characteristics during bottling in connection with the EU Regulation for extra virgin olive oil
Acidity (% κ.β. ελαϊκό οξύ) 0.3 < 0,80%
Ultra violate absorption Κ270 0.118< 0,22
Ultra violate absorption Κ232 1.727< 2,5
 ΔΚ -0.002< 0,01
Peroxide value (meqO2/kg) 6.4 < 20 mEqO2/kg
Waxes (mg/kg) ≤250

See complete chemical analysis by an accredited chemical laboratory.

Organoleptic Analysis from the accredited Chemical Laboratory of the Ministry of Development,COMPETITIVENESS, INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND NETWORKS.

(Reg. 2568/91 ΑΝ. ΧΙΙ)

Fruity 5,1
Bitter 3,2
Pungent 3,8
Well balanced olive oil

See the complete certified organoleptic assessment.

Nutrition facts (per 100ml)
Energy 3382 KJ , 824KCAL
Proteins 0g
Fat 91.6g
Saturates 12.8g
Μonounsaturated 70.5g
Polyunsaturated 8.3g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 0g